WVHRA Chapter 10.3

These bubbles started to repeat the same contents as she poked them more and more. In Yan Luqing’s previous experiments in her own villa, every time after she reads three or four of them, she has to wait for a while before it will be refreshed with the new real-time bubble contents again.

After the repetition, Yan Luqing did not look at her mobile phone again.

She finally returned to her villa after saying goodbye to Yan Fengming. Yan Luqing walked to the gate quickly, and saw two familiar black door gods waiting at the gate.

She hasn’t seen them for only half a day but when she looked at these two toys, she suddenly felt that they are a lot more pleasing to the eye than when she left during the day.

However, the two lovable toys did not bring her lovable news——

As soon as Yan Luqing arrived home and changed her shoes, she heard the mature and steady Big Black by her side say to herself: “Miss Yan…Would you like to see Dr. Qu this afternoon?”

“?” She turned her head in disbelief, “What did you say?”

The two brothers looked at each other, and then Little Black stuttered and said: “Be, because we have turned your room over and over again, but, but we really don’t see any robots.”

Yan Luqing locked the door of the room and sat on the floor of her room, looking at the artificial mental retardation that would usually call her ‘Maria’.

Since she went back to the room just now, it hasn’t stopped the electric current sizzling sound——Such a weird thing, Yan Luqing unexpectedly was not afraid of it at all.

She thought again and again and felt that it was probably because that so far nothing has been more bizarre than her crossing into a person with mental illness.

When she recalled it carefully, this robot had indeed never existed in the mouth of everyone in the villa.

Her room was visited by her doctor, Big Black, Little Black, Black Bodhisattva, and an aunt who delivered food to her, but everyone seemed to treat this robot as air.

Yan Luqing always thought they were accustomed to it, so they never showed a special reaction to the robot. She didn’t even think there was anything unusual about the fact that the initial code name was not set.

Now when she thinks about it again, this thing probably appeared along with her crossing.

There is only one possibility——

“Repair complete. Restarting——”

After the mechanical female voice said this sentence, Yan Luqing watched the robot shrink and shrink in front of her, and finally turned into an object in the shape of a camera hanging in the air.

Yan Luqing: …It’s true that the longer one lives, the more they will see.

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She looked at the camera facing her, and a human voice that was many times more natural than a mechanical female voice came to her ears:

“Hello Maria, the transmigrator. I am system number 10902, which has been bound to you in the crossing this time. I am now activated. Do you need to rename me?”

“Yes.” Yan Luqing looked at it and said, “Your name is Makabaka[1].”

Makabaka gladly accepted the name and then said: “Please choose the voice you like: Loli Voice[2], Adult Voice, Girly Voice, Early Adult Voice.”

“Early Adult Voice.” After Yan Luqing made the selection, she suddenly thought of her golden finger, “So…you are the one who did my red WeChat?

“That’s right. It’s a gift from the system!” Makabaka, who has become an early adult, seemed very excited when it said this. “Host Maria is really, very lucky, because this gold finger is a rare upgradeable gold finger——”

Hearing this, Yan Lu Qing immediately became full of spirit: “How to upgrade it?”

Makabaka’s voice suddenly paused: “Ah, I checked it and found out that, in fact, it has been upgraded twice…”

Yan Luqing was taken aback: “Huh? When?”

“Because since you crossed in, the people around you have felt a lot… Horror? Fear? Also sadness and other emotions, and of course there is anger too, it’s just that they didn’t directly express it to you.”

“What kind of emotions someone has towards you, it will upgrade the corresponding emotions.” Makkabaka said, “So you should have found that gray, blue and red bubbles are significantly more than the two other colors. This is not because they do not have positive emotions, but because they have not been upgraded, so you can’t read them.”

[1] Makabaka: A cartoon character like teletubbies. Below is the picture. Sorry for the quality, can’t find a good quality one -_-!

[2] Loli Voice (age range: 7-12 years old girl), Adult Voice (age range: 24-30), Girly Voice (age range: 14-18), Early Adult Voice (between Girly and Mature).

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  1. Makabaka was my go to when I was a child… except that in France it’s Makapaka (with a “P”) thought nobody knew this… so happy !!!!


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