WVHRA Chapter 10.2

After the conversation, the couple fell into silence almost at the same time, and the focus vaguely shifted to her.

In fact, from the beginning to the present, Yan Luqing can clearly feel the kind of observation and exploration gazes that the two people have towards her——This should be the type of gaze that Yan Luqing has felt the most since her crossing.

They were worried about this daughter, so they talked while observing her expression and mental state.

Mother Yan looked at her with a pair of beautiful eyes that were full of worry: “By the way, Qingqing, I heard that… You haven’t taken medicine on time recently? No matter how angry you are with others, you can’t make fun of your illness.”

Hearing this ‘Qingqing’, Yan Luqing was stunned for a moment.

She has never met any real family members who are related by blood with her. She has been in the orphanage since she can remember. The closest people are the orphanage dean and his wife.

Yan Luqing’s nickname is Qingqing. It is said that because she was the chubbiest child of her age when she was a child, the dean jokingly gave her a homophonic nickname, hoping that she would not gain weight again, so she was called ‘Qingqing[1]’.

Although she knew it was a different word, at this moment, she still missed it inexplicably.

“… Who told you that I didn’t take the medicine? If I didn’t take the medicine, who took the medicine for me?” Yan Luqing smiled and calmed the mother who was cautiously expressing her concern. “Moreover, am I not in a better state now than before?”

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Mother Yan had been observing for so long and could see that her daughter was in good condition and almost lost the gloomy feeling she had before. The eyes are bright, and her whole person looks so much better too.

So she said nothing more, only patted Yan Luqing’s hand and said: “Then you must remember to see the doctor on time.”


In the following time, Father Yan and Mother Yan still kept looking at Yan Luqing with the expression of about to speak but said nothing and hesitating while saying nothing too. They frowned but were also concerned with her, seemingly afraid of stimulating her. They always only say half the sentence every time and it makes Yan Luqing’s heart feel extremely tired.

After sitting and suffering in the study room for a long time, it was finally lunch time. Before sitting at the dining table, Mother Yan said to Yan Luqing: “Your second brother has gone out. Today, you will eat with the three of us only.”

She nodded calmly on the surface, but said in her heart: Oh, I still have a second brother.

Yan Luqing only drank wine last night, and her appetite was quite average. In addition, facing the three people, who didn’t say a word at all at the dining table but were filled with the expression of ‘I have something to say’, her appetite turned even more average.

She put down her chopsticks when she was about half full, and then she tapped the side of the cup that was placed by her side with her fingers. The small sound attracted the attention of the people all over the table.

Yan Luqing said: “I suddenly have a small wish. I don’t know if it can be realized today.”

The eldest brother’s face was cold and speechless, Mother Yan’s eyes changed slightly, and only the gentle voiced Father Yan asked: “What’s your wish?”

Yan Luqing: “Let’s… create a family group chat?”

——Otherwise, I will be too fuckin ‘tired to live at home.


Yan Luqing left the Yan’s family house after lunch. At the request of Father Yan and Mother Yan, it was not the driver who sent her back, but still Yan Fengming, despite the ‘I don’t want to’ expression all over his face.

Yan Luqing didn’t want to care whether he was willing or not, and didn’t want to bother to please him and talk to him. Sitting in the car, she began to look at the bubbles on the profile pictures of Father Yan and Mother Yan.

She feels that she is simply a genius——It’s really convenient to build a family group. You don’t have to add them as friends to see their bubbles.

It’s just that…the bubbles are either blue or gray.

Father Yan’s gray: 「Why did she behave so normal today? It’s completely contrary to what her psychiatrist said…I have to make another call again.」

Yan Luqing: ?

Mother Yan’s blue: 「How can I get Qingqing to study at school again?」

Yan Luqing, who had just passed the college entrance examination: ? You really don’t have to.

Big Brother’s red: 「Are Mom and Dad’s brains made of paper paste? So easy to be deceived?」

Big Brother’s red x2: 「I don’t believe that nothing happened between her and Gu Ci.」

Yan Luqing: “…”

[1] Qingqing: The written name of ‘Qing’ in YLQ’s name is which means clear, and the nickname that the dean gave her was which means light. Both have the same pronunciation.

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